OPEN 9am to 8pm


Natural & Organic Market

We regret to announce that Earthgrown Natural & Organic will soon close. Come in TODAY for a great selection of heavily discounted products. Find your favorite Vitamins & Supplements, and many natural groceries at 20% off!

Our Deli is still fully staffed and open!


We are sad to leave and disappointed that we were never able to build the store that we had envisioned. The truth about our story is that we really never finished the store, we ran out of funds. We know our customers wanted more and we wanted to provide that but couldn’t add what we wanted.


We have no regrets (other than we didn’t make it).  We will be positive about the future and believe that better things are available in the future! We want to thank the wonderful employees who are really like family, and the great neighbors who stuck with us while we tried to get it together.


Because so many people have asked there are two events that were very damaging to getting this effort off the ground.


Number one it took so long to open and we just lost money the entire time we were waiting for the landlord to get us into the building. We are still waiting, the landlord still has not completed the work promised in our lease.


Additionally after the lease was signed the landlord threatened a lawsuit if we didn’t agree to a rent increase, causing investors to withdraw and making it difficult to attract new ones.


That is essentially the story. We will move on happy for the experience and the lessons learned. We are happy for the people who we have worked with, the neighbors who shopped at our store despite our imperfections, and happy in general that in this county we are free to do all that we have been blessed to partake of. 


We are located at 1401 S.El Camino Real (the Southwest corner of Oceanside Blvd. & El Camino Real).